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Treatment Planning Process

  • This process start with our patients sharing their medical information and test results with us.
  • Our specialist doctors will assess patient’s condition in 24 hours and prepare a treatment plan.
  • This plan includes patients’ treatment’s center also the technological informations of the devices that would be used during their treatments, as well as price options
  • This way patients do not have to search for the most suitable hospitals, treatment methods and price alternatives.
  • They can choose the treatment plan that fits their budget from various options of treatment centers, the technological devices in these centers and price alternatives.


Arriving to Turkey

  • Our patients can buy their plane tickets themselves or via Healmedy.
  • If their medical conditions do not allow them to have flight, we coud offer our patients air ambulances to bring them to Turkey.
  • Once they arrive in Turkey they are welcomed at the airport by our patient representatives.
  • They are transferred to the hospital where the treatment will take place, or to the hotel by VIP vehicles.
  • All patients are given a GSM line that they can use during their treatments.
  • Hotel reservations for patients are done by Healmedy on their demand and within their knowledge.
  • Patients can buy the accommodation service that fits their budget from among our contracted hotel selection.

Good Bye

Leaving Turkey

  • All patients are treated in JCI certified hospitals with high medical technology devices and where world renowned doctors work.
  • Transfer from the airport or hotel to the hospital is done by Healmedy team with our own vehicles.
  • Patients do not have any communication problems since an assistant who speaks their language accompanies them.
  • Patients’ treatment is monitored 24/7 by our doctors and team members and support is always there if needed.

Treatment Process

  • Once their treatment process is completed, patients get informed about their after-treatment controls and post operative care and they are discharged from the hospital.
  • Patients are transferred to the airport by the Healmedy team with VIP vehicles for free.
  • Touristic trips can be arranges on patients’ demand. These touristic trips are priced separately.

Post Treatment Process

  • After our patients leave Turkey, their post treatment care process is monitored by doctors in the Healmedy offices in their countries.
  • Patients can contact our team members about their post treatment care process any time.


In short words

Healmedy provides you variety of medical services. Bariatric Surgery is one of the most important one that we offer our patients. If you need any help about some medical services. You can reach us about it


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